Digital Marketing Consulting

I help startups and established businesses around the globe to scale their digital marketing.

Google Ads & Social PPC

Successful PPC campaigns depends on hyper-relevant targeting and high performing data-driven processes. We focus on paid search and PPC based channels.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion-centric landing pages that are tailored for your target audience is crucial in order to convert your visitors once they come to your website.

Search Engine Optmization

Some keywords you pay for through ads, others you can rank for organically. We help you find the balance and make the most of your website’s potential.

Analytics & Tracking

Correct data is the foundation in every data-driven campaign, without solid tracking your are fumbling in the dark and cannot make good decisions. We get the numbers in order for you.

Get in touch

Let’s talk about how you can optimize your current digital campaigns, or if you want to get started from scratch we’ll do that too.


What Our Clients Say

“I am working with Alex & North PPC to build up our paid search (Google Ads) structure and organisation for all our markets. What I really like with Alex is that he is sharp, know what he is doing, and it goes quickly. For us speed is key since we start from scratch and we need to test and see what is working and not. He also gives me good advice in related areas such as SEO, content creation and online marketing in general. I can truly recommend Alex!”

Jenny Westerberg, GROUP CMO, TRIVEC

“Alex skills range from UX, Paid Acquisition Optimization, through to Content and Brand Strategy. He would be an invaluable addition to any team looking to accelerate growth and improve their product in a scalable way.”


“Alex is a dedicated professional, passionate about products and marketing strategies. I would recommend Alex for any team looking to grow their digital marketing.”


“Alex is a genius! I met him two months ago through his group and my work has scaled thanks to all of his advise.”